Tips for Saving Money in the Winter
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Tips for Saving Money in the Winter

Posted on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 7:00 am
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Winter weather comes with extra expenses. Will the extra cost fit into your budget? Here are some tips for saving money during the winter months.

Seal Drafts

Cold winter winds can find their way into the smallest crack in a window or gap in a door. The cold air makes your furnace work harder – and that can raise your heating bill. One way to prevent this problem is to seal off the cracks in windows and underneath doors. Some people will purchase insulation kits from a hardware store. A less expensive way is to push rolled up towels into door gaps and window cracks.

Cook Meals at Home

Cold days require hot food! You can save a lot of money by cooking meals at home. Use your oven to make a pizza or a casserole. The heat from your oven will warm your kitchen. Don’t forget to turn down your furnace before you start cooking!

Cooking at home saves money in other ways. It forces you to use up your groceries before they go bad. Throwing out groceries is a waste of money! Cooking at home also prevents you from driving to pick up food at a restaurant and having to spend money to refill your vehicle’s gas tank.

Blankets and Sweaters

You can save money by turning down your thermostat and bundling up in sweaters, warm socks, and blankets. Add some extra blankets to your bed before you go to sleep. You probably have those items at home. Turning down the heat means you will spend less money on your energy bill.

Close the Flue on Your Fireplace

A fireplace can be used to heat your home. But, it only works while there is a fire burning. Close the flue after the fire goes out and before turning on your heater. Don’t let the warm air go out the flue!

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