Tips for Making a Return
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Tips for Making a Return

Posted on Monday, December 29th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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It can be frustrating to have to wait in line to make a return after Christmas!  Here are some tips that will help you to make a return.

Many people enjoy shopping for Christmas presents. Very few people can honestly say they look forward to making a return. It can be time consuming and frustrating! Here are a few tips that might make the tedious process of making a return a little less stressful.

Tips to Make Returns Easy

Expect to wait in line.
One of the main reasons why people get frustrated while trying to make a return is because they expect they will be “in and out” of the store very quickly. This is almost never what actually happens!

Go into the store fully expecting to have to wait in line. Bring earbuds and listen to music or a podcast while you wait. You might also want to bring a snack that you can easily eat while standing. This will make the time you are stuck in the return line a little more pleasant.

Check the store’s return policy.
Before you head out the door, get online and read over the store’s return policy. Some stores won’t take back items that have been opened. Others will require you to have a gift receipt (or the original receipt) in order to make a return. You probably won’t be handed cash. Instead, the store may offer a gift card for the amount that your return was worth.

Typically, items will be priced high right before Christmas, and then dramatically drop after Christmas is over. This could mean that you will end up getting the new sales price for the item you return instead of the money that was originally spent. It all depends on the store’s return policy. Read it before you leave so you won’t end up frustrated.

Find the right size first.
Are you returning an item of clothing that was the wrong size? Go through the store and see if you can find your size before you get into the return line. If you find it, bring the correctly sized item with you to the return line. The cashier might be able to do your return, and your purchase, in one transaction. This could save you the trouble of waiting in the return line and then waiting in line, again, to make your purchase.

Don’t procrastinate.
For best results, bring your return to the store as soon as possible. Some stores will stop accepting holiday returns after a certain date. Wait too long, and you will miss the “window” during which you can make a return. Another good reason to do your return right away is it gives you time to “try again” if you forgot to bring the gift receipt with you.

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