Tips for Having a Frugal Christmas
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Tips for Having a Frugal Christmas

Posted on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at 12:00 am
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People often feel the need to spend a lot of money at the end of the year. It starts with the Black Friday sales, and continues right through December. What if your budget is not equipped for a massive amount of spending? Try these tips for having a frugal Christmas.

Wrap Gifts Frugally

Use up the holiday gift wrap that you purchased last year before purchasing more. If you run out, consider going to a dollar store to buy more wrap and tape. You might be able to get some festive bags to put presents in while you are there.

Another way to wrap gifts frugally is to use newspaper instead of buying gift wrap. It won’t cost you any money – especially if you use the grocery store advertisements that appear in your mail for free. Some gift wrap cannot be recycled, but all newspapers can be!

Make Handmade Gifts

Do you like to bake? It doesn’t cost very much to make a batch of Christmas cookies that you can give as gifts to family members, co-workers, and friends. Put some cookies into a zip-lock bag to preserve freshness.

Do your loved ones like to bake? Buy some festive looking sealable jars from a dollar store. Put in layers of the ingredients they need to bake their own cookies. Attach the recipe to the jar with string or a ribbon. It will be even more meaningful if the recipe you share is one that has been handed down from one generation of your family to the next.

Frugal Celebrations

Parents can take their children to visit Santa Claus for free. Everyone can do a tour of the most decorated houses in their area without having to spend much money. If the weather isn’t bad, your family may be able to walk there and back. If not, it shouldn’t cost too much in gas to slowly drive through the are. Religious families may enjoy going to church on Christmas Eve.

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