Tips for Camping Out on Black Friday
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Tips for Camping Out on Black Friday

Posted on Monday, November 24th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Winter SKinAre you planning on camping out for the Black Friday sales? There are those who do it every year and some who do it once in a while. The experience has few similarities to camping out in the summer for rest and relaxation. It definitely isn’t for everyone! Here are some tips for camping out on Black Friday.

Don’t wait until Thursday night.
There was a time, not that long ago, when the Black Friday sales started on the Friday after Thanksgiving day. Today, many stores are going to be open, and offering their best deals, on Thanksgiving. This change means that those who want to camp out for the sales should do it on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.

There are some exceptions to this new “rule”. Some stores are going to be closed on Thanksgiving. Those stores will have their biggest sales on Black Friday. If your goal is to buy something from those stores, and you want to camp out in line, do it after you finish Thanksgiving dinner.

Don’t bring your kids.
Camping out for the Black Friday sales requires a person to do several things that little kids do not tend to enjoy. A person must stay in one spot for the entire night. Little kids have a hard time sitting still. A person must spend several hours waiting in a line. Children tend to lose their patience if they have to wait too long for something. Camping out in front of a store might be exciting to adults, but children may find it to be incredibly boring!

Safety is another thing to consider. Who is going to watch your child if you fall asleep? There have been situations where violence has occurred among the people who were waiting for the store to open.

Do your best to stay warm.
The weather in November can get dangerously cold. Those who are planning to spend an entire night camped out in front of a store need to take precautions. Wear layers. Make sure you have a hat, gloves, and a scarf. Choose warm boots and consider wearing more than one pair of socks. Cover all exposed skin to prevent it from getting frostbite.

Some people bring a sleeping bag with them. That puts a thick layer between you and the cold ground. It also gives you an additional layer to wrap yourself in. There are those who bring a small tent with them. It might help block the wind.

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