Things You Cannot Recycle - But Thought You Could
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Things You Cannot Recycle – But Thought You Could

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2016 at 7:00 am
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There are some things that you cannot recycle (but may have believed that you could). When in doubt, check with the recycling facility before you go.Recycling is good for the planet because it allows materials to be reused, and prevents them from sitting in landfills. Recycling can also be good for your budget because you can get some money from taking things to a recycling facility. There are some things that you cannot recycle (but thought you could).

Things You Can’t Recycle

Bottles From the Wrong State
Some, but not all, states have enacted a bottle bill. People who live in that state are charged a small amount extra when they purchase beverages that come in cans or bottles. All a person has to do in order to get the amount back is to take the cans and bottles to a recycling center.

Typically, those bottles and cans will have a marking on them that indicate what state the product was purchased in. Recycling centers will not accept bottles and cans that are marked for a different state. In other words, you cannot take the bottles you bought in Michigan and recycle them for money in California.

Cereal Box Liners
Cereal boxes are made from cardboard. You can break down the box and include it in the recyclables that you take to the curb. Keep in mind that the liner inside the cereal box (the plastic bag that holds the cereal) cannot be recycled. Make sure to remove the liner before trying to recycle the cereal box.

Keurig Coffee Cartridges
K-Cups are incredibly convenient, especially for people who live alone or who are the only coffee drinker in their family. Unfortunately, the used k-cups cannot be recycled. In short, it is not clear exactly what kind of plastic those little cups are made out of. Recycling plants need to know what it is in order to recycle it.

Unattached Plastic Bottle Caps
You may not realize it, but the small, plastic, bottle cap on your empty beverage makes things difficult for recycling plants. Everything is fine if the cap is still securely placed on the bottle. The problems start when the caps are removed.

A plastic bottle without a cap can still be recycled. A plastic cap without a bottle cannot. The reason is because those small, round, caps are hard to bale. They also can make it harder for machines to process. Again, it is best to keep the cap on the bottle. Don’t try and recycle a cap by itself.

When In Doubt
Not sure what your local recycling center will take? It is best to find out before you go. Check the recycling center’s website for details. Ask the attendant questions about your recyclables before you unload them.

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