Things to Buy in February
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Things to Buy in February

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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One way to get a good deal on something is to buy it during the month when it typically goes on sale. Why pay full price when you don’t have to? You can save money by waiting to make a purchase, or stocking up on things after a holiday is over. Here are some tips about what to buy in February.

Valentines’ Day Stuff
The way to get a great deal on stuff for Valentine’s Day is to buy it on February 15, the day after the holiday is over. Stores need to move out these products in order to make room for the St. Patrick’s day items. Boxes of valentines for children, and lovely Valentine’s Day cards for your sweetheart, will be on sale. Stock up for next year!

Jewelry and perfume go on sale after Valentine’s Day is over. Those huge, expensive, heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be marked down to a low price. If your Valentine is frugal, he or she may be happy to be receive chocolates that you got a great deal on. Or, you could treat yourself with a small box of discounted Valentine’s Day candy.

A Brand New Car
According to Consumer Reports car dealerships are anxious to sell what they can in February, because it is their slowest sales month of the year. This puts consumers at the advantage. You have a better chance of being able to negotiate your way into a great deal on a new car in February.

Shortly before Christmas, stores stocked up on treadmills and other indoor exercise equipment. While some may have been sold as Christmas presents, the majority of the sales come in January. Lots of people make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.

By February, many people have given up on that resolution. In a few weeks, warm, Spring weather will arrive, and people will decide to do exercise outdoors instead of in their homes. Stores need to move out the treadmills before Spring! Buy your treadmill now, while it is on sale.

Video Games
It isn’t a coincidence that a lot of new video games are released shortly before Christmas. They make great presents for the gamer in your life! By February, the excitement over these games has wained. You will start to see sales on those titles. Shop around, and you might find used copies for a really low price. It is entirely possible for a serious gamer to have “beaten the game” and become bored with it between Christmas and February. Now is the time to pick up a copy of a game that Santa forgot to bring you for Christmas.

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