The Importance of Checking Your Receipts
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The Importance of Checking Your Receipts

Posted on Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 8:12 am
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Checking your receipt can really pay off because you never know what money-saving bonuses or costly errors you might find on your receipt.

What to Look for on Your Receipt

There are several things you should always check your receipt for. These include:

  • Coupons. Oftentimes you will receive coupons with your receipt. These are known as Catalina coupons. Catalina coupons can either be manufacturer or store coupons. If the Catalina coupon says it is a manufacturer coupon, you can most likely use it at any store that carries the product. If it is a store coupon, it will have the store logo somewhere on it and will only be accepted at the store or chain that issued it.
  • Freebies. Everyone loves freebies, right? Well, sometimes you can even find them on your receipt in the form of a coupon or as a reward for completing a survey.
  • Surveys. Surveys at the bottom of your receipts can really pay off. Sometimes your cashier will ask you to fill out the survey, but oftentimes they won’t say anything so it’s up to you to check the receipt. Receipt surveys can get you discounts or sometimes even freebies!
  • Rebates and price adjustments. Make sure you received any appropriate rebates or price adjustments. You might also find coupons for these things on your receipt.
  • Errors. You should also keep in mind the fact that mistakes happen. So, you should always check your receipt for errors, especially when you are using coupons, because the cashier might forget to ring up a discount or overcharge you for an item. If you notice an error on your receipt, kindly point it out to the cashier so that they can correct the overcharge.


Keeping your eyes peeled when it comes to checking your receipt is a great way to save money. Too often we throw our receipts away without even a glance – I know I’ve done this a few too many times myself!

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