The Black Friday Game Plan: Which Stores First?
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The Black Friday Game Plan: Which Stores First?

Posted on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 at 12:32 pm
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Christmas shopping deals!

Christmas shopping deals!

When shopping for Black Friday deals, it is important to have a game plan. The whole process can be overwhelming, so organization is key. Have a list of the stores you want to visit in order of the most pressing to the least. This way, you are most likely to hit the most deals, or at least the most important ones to you. How can you determine which stores you should shop at first on Black Friday? The following tips should help.

What are you buying?
The most popular deals for Black Friday will be in electronics first and toys second. These are the stores that tend to have huge crowds lined up in front and hot products that sell out quickly.

If you have electronics and or toys on your list, you’ll want to identify the best deals ahead of time and make those stores your first stop. You can also scour the Internet sales the day before and have your products shipped to the store and waiting for you (To read more about this strategy, click here.)

Clothing tends not to be as heavily in demand, although some name brands, such as Old Navy, can still sell out quickly.

When do the stores open?

Determining the order of stores to visit may also depend on when each store opens on Friday. Stores are in heavy competition on Black Friday, and they are opening earlier and earlier to accommodate customers. Some stores, such as Sears, are even open on Thanksgiving itself.

You can create a schedule of store visits based on these opening times. But don’t forget to allow at least an hour or two between stores, to account for shopping, waiting in line and travel time.

What type of sales are being offered?

Just to make things more complicated, the type of sale can vary by store and even within the store. For example, Target tends to have a two-day sale with many of the same deals. Because of the two day sale, they are often well-stocked. This means that you can probably schedule that store for the afternoon instead of rushing to it on the morning on Black Friday.

You also have to keep in mind the doorbusters and hourly sales. Some product deals are only offered at certain times of the day. You’ll want to scour these sales and get as much information as you can ahead of time, so you can be at a store when your particular deal is being offered.

Happy Black Friday shopping!

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