The Best Things to Buy in October
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The Best Things to Buy in October

Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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October has a strange mix of sales that you might be unaware of.  Here are some tips on the items that go on sale this month.What should you buy in October? There are certain sales that happen annually. The very best time to buy anything is when it is on sale. October is kind of a strange month for sales because it is too late for summer items and a bit too early for sales on Christmas decorations. Here are some tips on what to buy in October.

4 Things to Buy in October

Halloween Costumes
If you are willing to wait to purchase your Halloween costume until a few days before Halloween, you could end up saving a lot of money. The selection won’t be as diverse as it is right now (when prices are at their highest). One way to get a great deal is to wait and then shop at the Halloween stores that “pop up” for a few months and disappear at the end of October. They will be very motivated to sell their stock when we get closer to Halloween.

Another option is to take advantage of online sales and coupon codes. The one disadvantage to this is that you won’t be able to try on the costume before you buy it. Don’t forget to take the shipping price into account. Compare that total price with what the same costume costs at a local department store.

October is a great month for people who need to purchase toys. The hot items of the summer will be on sale. Check to see if the toys that your children have been begging you for, but that you couldn’t afford to buy a few months ago, are on sale. The annual toy sale gives you a wonderful opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts for the the children in your life.

For best results, pick a store that you have a loyalty card at. Go to their website and download digital coupons for the toys you are planning to purchase. Check their weekly sales paper and make sure you shop while the toy sale is going on.

The back-to-school sales are over. If you still need to pick up a few pairs of jeans for yourself, or your children, October is a good month to do it. Stores tend to end up with more jeans in stock than they would like now that school has started. Check their sales papers to see when the jeans go on sale.

Gardening supplies
Very few people are looking for gardening supplies right now. We are heading into the colder weather that most plants don’t handle very well. Now is a good time to purchase gardening supplies for next spring’s garden. Replace the worn out gloves now, and pick up a few extra planters. It will cost more money to do the same thing if you wait until spring.

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