The Best Things to Buy in January
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The Best Things to Buy in January

Posted on Saturday, December 28th, 2019 at 11:41 pm
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The start of a brand new year is a great time to save money. There are things that go on sale in January that you might need. Wait too long, and the price will go back up again.

The best time to buy holiday items is the last week of December through the first week of January. Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper, stockings, and lights will be at the lowest price of the year.

People who enjoy using a paper calendar can find one at a very low price after Christmas is over. The prices get lower as the month goes on. That said, the variety of calendar available also diminishes the longer you wait to buy one.

January is a good month to buy winter clothing, including coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. This will be especially helpful to people who live in places where winter weather can extend into March or April. You may find a winter clothing sale during the three-day Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.

People who live in warmer places will also find sales on winter clothing items in January. The sale does not match the weather of a specific location. Instead, the sale is designed to make room for the new spring line of clothing that is already starting to take up space in the store’s back room.

Linens are also on sale in January. The first “White Sale” was created by department store owner John Wanamaker, in January of 1878. At the time, all bedding and towels were white. Wanamaker needed a reason to entice shoppers to spend money at his store in January.

Since then, stores typically have what is now called a “linen sale” every January. Buy the bedding and towels that you need now, of whatever color and pattern you like. The price will go up when the annual sale ends.

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