The Best Things to Buy in December
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The Best Things to Buy in December

Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2016 at 7:00 am
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You can save money if you know when certain items typically go on sale. Here are the best things to buy in December.December is an extremely busy month when it comes to shopping. People are spending money on gifts for loved ones, wrapping paper, and food and beverages for parties – in addition to their usual grocery purchases. Fortunately, there are some things you should buy in December when you can get them at the lowest price of the year.

What to Buy in December

Calendars and Boxed Cards
The timeframe between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day is the best time to buy a calendar for the upcoming year. Stores will want to get rid of their stock of calendars as quickly as possible after Christmas is over. The more days of the new year go by – the harder it will be for them to sell a calendar. You can expect to find great deals on calendars.

Boxed cards go on sale at the same time that calendars do. Buy some after Christmas for a very low price. Use those boxed cards next year. You won’t get stuck buying cards at full price next December.

Plastic Storage Bins for Ornaments
All those ornaments that have been carefully placed on your Christmas tree will need to be stored away after you take down the tree. The best way to protect those ornaments, and to keep them dust free, is with a specialized plastic storage bin for ornaments. It will have dozens of small compartments – one for each ornament.

Some departments stores will already have the storage bins on sale. Others will put those organizational bins on sale shortly before Christmas. If you need extra storage, buy the bins now. You won’t find them at any other time of the year.

Parents will probably be buying lots of toys for their children as gifts. You can save money on those toys if you wait to buy them in the middle of December. That’s when many stores (especially the ones that do not typically carry toys) will put them on sale.

Do your kids have birthdays in January or February? What about your nephews or nieces? The mid-December toy sale is a great time to purchase a birthday gift for kids who will have a birthday in the next few months. Buy toys now for a low price – and you can avoid having to buy them later for a higher price.

Warm Weather Items
Thinking about putting a pool in your backyard next summer? December is a good time to negotiate the cost of it with a company that installs pools. They aren’t getting a lot of business right now, and that typically means they will be willing to negotiate on the price. You can also get a good deal on last year’s models of bicycles and golf equipment.

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