The Best Things to Buy in August
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The Best Things to Buy in August

Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Using laptopYou can get an excellent deal on just about anything if you wait until the perfect time to buy it. It helps if you know what typically goes on sale each month. Miss the big sale and you will have to wait for a whole year to see prices that low on that particular item again. Here are some great things to buy in August.

Back to School Supplies
You probably could have guessed this one! School will be starting in just a few weeks. Now is the time to stock up on school supplies like paper, binders, pens, pencils, folders, and whatever else is on that list your child’s teacher put together. Many of these same items are also used as office supplies. That means that those of you who work from home may want to pick up a few supplies, too.

Laptop computers go on sale in August because they are an important school supply for every college student. You might also find sales on desktop computers, tablets, and all the stuff that goes along with them. There may be some sales that are only offered to students, while other sales can be shopped by anyone at all.

Swimwear and Sandals
Do you live in a place that stays warm all year round? If you aren’t picky about wearing last season’s styles, you can save big on swimwear and sandals. Families that are planning on traveling somewhere warm for the holidays may want to buy some extra swimwear now. The stores may have sold out of it by the time you need it!

Air Conditioners
August can be a very warm and humid month. In some states, the uncomfortably hot weather can last through September. Stores are going to want to sell their stock of air conditioners right now in order to avoid getting stuck with them the entire winter (when no one will want to buy a new one). Parents of college students might consider picking up a small window air conditioner for their daughter or son to take to the dorms or to their new apartment.

Musical Instruments
Why do these go on sale in August? It is connected to the back to school sales. Students who are going to be taking band or orchestra classes in the upcoming school year will need an instrument. There are some schools who can rent instruments to students. Not sure if your child’s school will do that? Save yourself some trouble (and money) and purchase a gently used musical instrument before school starts.

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