The Best Things to Buy in April
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The Best Things to Buy in April

Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Spring SkirtsThere are certain things that go on sale in a particular month. You can save money if you figure out the best time to buy an item. Here is a quick review of the best things to buy in April. See something you need on the list? Buy it soon, before the price goes back up!

Thrift Store Items
Many people begin their annual spring cleaning in the month of March. Those that live in areas where spring has not yet sprung may begin in early April. One side effect of spring cleaning is that people tend to find a lot of clothing or household items that they no longer want or need.

What happens to those items? People often donate them to a thrift store. April is a great month for thrift store shopping. There should be a lot of new items to choose from. Everything you buy at a thrift store will be less expensive than if you bought a similar item from a department store.

Spring Clothing
You may have noticed that stores tend to put the seasonal items on the shelves far in advance of when most people are going to use them. As a result, the new line of spring clothing probably arrived a few months ago. Stores are now getting ready to place their summer items. This means they must get rid of the spring clothing in order to make room. April is a good month to find sales on brand new spring clothing.

Gym Memberships
Warm spring weather encourages people to go outside and take a walk. People start going for runs, riding their bikes, and doing other types of exercise outside. This is bad news for gyms and fitness centers who need to somehow entice new customers to sign up for memberships.

If you are someone who prefers to exercise in a gym (instead of outdoors) now is the time to seek out a membership. It will cost a lot less now than what others paid for it in January (to go along with their New Year’s resolutions).

Easter Items
It never fails! Wait until the day after a holiday, and take advantage of the sale on the holiday candy. Buy only what you are likely to eat before it goes bad. Some of it may not store very well. Parents of small children might want to stock up on baskets, plastic eggs, and Easter grass to store away for next year while it is on sale.

Tax Day Freebies
There is a fabulous trend that restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and fast food places participate in during the month of April. Be on the look out for “Tax Day Freebies”. You will find plenty offers for free food and drinks on, or around, April 15 every year.

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