Target Will Offer Same-Day Delivery
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Target Will Offer Same-Day Delivery

Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Target and Shipt logosTarget announced that it will acquire a company called Shipt, which is a same-day delivery company. This acquisition will make it possible for Target to offer customers same-day delivery in many of its stores. The process is being rolled out to individual Target stores in 2018.

In early 2018, Target will be able to offer same-day delivery in about half of their stores. Those stores will be able to offer same-day delivery of groceries, essentials, home products, electronics, and other products.

Target is aiming to make same-day delivery an option at the majority of its stores by the 2018 holiday season. Target’s goal is to offer same-day delivery on all of their major product categories by the end of 2019.

The purpose of offering same-day shipping is to make shopping at Target easier, more reliable, and more convenient. The company has already launched a few things that expand ship-from-store options.

Target Restock was expanded in August of 2017 to include Dallas-Fort Worth and Denver. Target Restock is an easier way for people to get their household essentials and groceries. Those who live in areas where Target Restock is available can take advantage of this next-day delivery service.

People who live in the Twin Cities area can make use of Drive Up. As of the Summer of 2017, Drive Up was offered for free at Target stores throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The service allows people to make a purchase on the Target Drive Up app, and have it ready for them when they arrive at the Target store. A Target worker will bring the items out to Drive Up customers, who are parked in designated areas.

Want to know if Shipt is available at from your local Target store? Visit the Shipt website to find out. If it is not yet available, you may want to check again in a few months. Where it is available, Shipt has an annual membership fee of $99. Those who have memberships with Shipt will be able to get same-day delivery services from their local Target store for the year.

Shipt makes sure that the same person who shops for a customer’s items is also the person who delivers those items to the customer. Shipt has a rating system that allows customers to give feed-back in real-time. Customers who rate a particular shopper highly are more likely to be paired up with them again.

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