Target Coupons and Hidden Deals
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Target Coupons and Hidden Deals

Posted on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 11:32 am
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You can save big money at Target when you use Target coupons and apply some shopping strategies that help you find hidden deals. Use these Target shopping tips to get amazing bargains and deep discounts.

There are two main ways to save at Target. The first is using Target coupons. The second way to save money at Target is to take advantage of hidden sales.

Both ways to save have pros and cons. You are more likely to be able to spot great deals when you use coupons, but so will everyone else, which means that your local Target store may run out of a product before you can get a chance to take advantage of the bargain.

Hidden deals are harder to find and not as plentiful as deals with coupons, but not only will you actually have a better chance to take advantage of them, but in some cases, the savings can be huge.

Target Coupons

Target publishes coupons on their website that can be used on products in their store only. You can go online and print these coupons (or print them right in the store at one of the shopping kiosks). You can also find Target coupons in the Sunday coupon inserts on occasion.

Take these Target coupons and match them up with manufacturer coupons for the same product. This is called stacking. You can stack a store coupon with a regular coupon for double savings.

Target also has a travel or sample size section of products. Many times coupons don’t specify size. Apply your coupon to travel, sample or individually sized products, and you will probably walk out of the store with these products for free.

Hidden Deals

Hidden deals at Target come in many forms. Sometimes you can find great deals in Target by doing a little perimeter perusing. Perimeter perusing is the practice of going around the outside of the store looking at products hidden on the inside end caps.

Target clearance items will be marked with a red sticker. Now here is the hidden part: often the discount on these items is greater than the clearance sticker indicates. You’ll have to scan the item to see its real price.

Speaking of scanning, some Target stores feature amazing deals on high-end items, but these discounts are never announced. You might find something at 75 percent off without any indication that it has been put on clearance. Not all stores will discount the same items, either. This makes these hidden deals really hard to find.

The only real way to find them is to scan items that you are interested in and pay attention to blogs and forums that post hidden Target deals.

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