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Swiffer Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 7:38 am
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Thorough, easy cleaning, even in hard to reach places is easy with Swiffer products. These are the smart and easy to use mop, sweeper, and dusting systems that come with refills, and they are available in stores everywhere.  There are valuable Swiffer coupons for all these products, whether they are mops, dusters, wet, or dry.  Once you start saving money with Swiffer coupons, you will not want to switch back to your old way of cleaning.

There are some fabulous Swiffer coupons on their website.  You can get rebates, coupon booklets, and much more.  You’ll also find information on the various mops and vacuums.  This is lightweight and thorough cleaning at its best.

You will also find Swiffer coupons in newspapers and magazines, and occasionally in our printables section.  It pays to check back often to see our printable coupons, and read our blog updates for listings of these coupons and match ups to sales. Some times you will find them in the Home Made Simple coupon booklet which is mailed to many homes.  These also contain coupons for Cascade, Febreze, and Mr Clean products.

The amazing thing about Swiffer is that the disposable cloths really grab the dirt, instead of scattering it around like a mop or a duster.  If you have a pet, these are especially great, as you can reach on and under furniture, cushions, and into corners, and really grab the pet hair and dander instead of scattering it around.

There are always Swiffer coupons available in one form or another.  The trick is to match them to sales and refunds, so that you do not run out and you do not pay full price.  You can even beat the cost of regular cleaners that go with dusting and mopping as well. Watch our blogs for matchups to sales and in store rebates at major supermarkets and big box stores.  Once you switch to Swiffer, you won’t go back to regular cleaning.

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