How to Save Money by Swapping Your Old Clothes
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How to Save Money by Swapping Your Old Clothes

Posted on Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 6:12 am
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Save money by swapping your old clothes. Check out these great swapping sites! Did you know you can save money by swapping your old clothes? Clothes swapping is becoming a popular trend among bargain hunters, especially those with kids who are always growing. Now you can swap used clothes online and save tons of money!

Money-Saving Clothing Swap Sites

ThredUP: “Clothes Don’t Grow. Kids Do.”

ThredUP offers a place for parents to swap their kids’ used clothes and toys. All you have to do is sign up for a free membership. How it works: After you sign up, choose a box of pre-owned clothes and toys to order. Boxes are all $5 (plus an additional $10.95 for shipping). You can search boxes by gender, age, and keywords. Before selecting a box to order, you can read member reviews and a full description of items in the box. Next, post your own box of pre-owned kids clothes and/or toys. When someone chooses your box on ThredUP, you can send it completely free of charge. ThredUP will provide you with a box, postage, and even pick-up.

SwapStyle: “The Worlds Original & Number 1 Fashion Swap Site!”

SwapStyle caters to women’s fashion, offering a place for women all over the world to swap clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, kids toys and clothes, maternity wear, and even entertainment. SwapStyle has over a million swap items to choose from. How it works: Sign up for a free membership, create a profile, and upload items you want to swap. Now you are ready to browse for items you want to swap for. When you find an item you like, you can send an offer to buy or swap. The other member will receive a notification and can browse your swap items. They can either accept your offer or decline. Visit the Swap School tab for a full run down of everything you need to know about swapping on this site.

DigNSwap: “Swap, Fashionably!”

At the time, DigNSwap offers a more limited selection of items, but I found most of the items listed to be quite good quality (Marc Jacobs, BCBG, Banana Republic) so it’s worth taking a look. The site is easy to navigate and browse. You can search by keyword or choose from a selection of categories, brands, and sizes. Unlike SwapStyle, DigNSwap is strictly for swapping (no selling). How it works: DigNSwap works the same as the other swapping sites. Upload pictures of your items, dig for items you want, and make an offer! You can offer just one or a combination of your items. Currently, all swapping is free.

Other Swapping Sites:

  • Rehash is a place to swap clothes, accessories, and books (even college textbooks!). Their motto is “by rehashing, you can shop for clothes without spending a penny, all while helping the environment.” Sounds like everyone wins!
  • Zwaggle is a good place to check for kid’s toys, accessories, and clothes. Unlike other swapping sites, Zwaggle gives you “Zoints” to purchase items with. You get some Zoints when you sign up, and acquire more by giving things to others. Zoints are awarded based on the value and condition of the item you give away.
  • MakeUpAlley offers a place to swap unused or hardly-used makeup. You’ll probably want to avoid the used lipstick and mascara though.
  • Or, start your own local swapping group. Get a group of like-minded fashionistas in your community together and meet up to swap all your used clothing, accessories, kids clothes, shoes, etcetera. This is a great way to make friends and save money together!


All-in-all, clothes swapping is a great way to get “new” clothes without spending a ton of money. You never know what deals you will find on swapping sites!




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