4 Summer Activities For Families on a Budget
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4 Summer Activities For Families on a Budget

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 10:12 am
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Summer can be full of fun, but can be very expensive too. Here are 4 frugal activities for families to try this summer!One of the very best things about Summer is that school is out and the kids have a nice, long, vacation. This is a great time for families to do some Summer activities together.  There is tons of fun stuff to do that is family friendly and that won’t break your budget.  Here are a few ideas for you to try with your family this Summer!

4 Frugal Summer Activities for Families

Buy a swim pass.

Many local Park Districts will have a public swimming pool.  See if your Park District sells family swim passes, or an individual pass that you can get for each family member.  You pay the total cost of the pass right away.  Bring the pass with you whenever you want to visit the Park District Public pool this Summer.  It will be less expensive for your family to buy the pass than it would be to pay a fee each time you visit the pool.

Museums often have free days.

Find out when they are, and plan your visit accordingly.  Bring along some snacks that can help tide the kids over until you are ready to have lunch.  If you live fairly close to the museum, you might be able to take the bus there and back.  This will save you money because you won’t have to pay for parking, (which can cost an arm and a leg in big cities)!

Go to the park.

There are many wonderful things about public parks.  They are free to visit, and you can stay all day if you want to.  You can pack a picnic lunch to take with you, (instead of paying for a meal from a fast food restaurant).  Your kids can safely run, play, swing, climb, slide, and get some exercise in the fresh air.  Pick a park that your family rarely visits during the school year, and your kids will be extra excited about going to the park.

You can also find fun right in your own backyard.

Set up some tents and pretend to go camping.  Get a child’s swimming pool for the kids to cool off in.  Have a water balloon fight on the hottest day of the Summer.  Teach all the kids how to play hopscotch or to jump rope.  Simple ideas like these can be really fun, and really inexpensive.

When it gets unbearably hot outside, take your kids to the library.  Cool off in the air conditioning.  Let your kids discover adventures within the covers of a great book!

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