Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day
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Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day

Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 5:15 pm
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Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

More and more stores will be open tomorrow for Thanksgiving Day. Some of the stores will only be open during a limited time, while others will be open all day long. All of the stores want to get a jump on one another this season.

The Thanksgiving Day sales will be different from the Black Friday sales in most cases, so be aware of that. Don’t expect to get that great electronics deal on Thanksgiving, but you might find something else that you needed, and the crowds might be much smaller on Thanksgiving as opposed to on Black Friday itself.

Another reason to go shopping on Thanksgiving is mentioned in the current Walmart television commercial. By shopping on Thanksgiving, you can wait for Black Friday in the store instead of outside in the cold. Of course, Walmart, and maybe the other stores, hope that while you are waiting, you will find some must have items that you didn’t originally out on your list. I wonder if Walmart wouldn’t mind if Black Friday shoppers go over to the camping section and make use of a couple of tents in order to get comfortable for the night!

The whole camping out thing is getting pretty crazy. At some Best Buy Stores, people have been camping out since Monday. That means an entire week of sleeping in a parking lot. With some of the best rock bottom deals expected at Best Buy, I’m not surprised. But, I also don’t know if giving up a week’s salary (or just a week of your life) to camp out is entirely worth it. At least I could a lot of reading done.

I don’t know if I could deal with the stress of doing all of that and then discovering that I still was too late for the deals I wanted. (Many stores, including Best Buy, work on a ticket system. You can read more about that here. )

If you do want to go out shopping on Thanksgiving Day, then you’ll want to know where to go. Here is the current list of stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day.

Old Navy
Toys R Us (at 10pm)
Gap (some locations)
Banana Republic (some locations)
Bath & Body Works
Victoria’s Secret

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