Tips Stocking Up for Thanksgiving Dinner
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Tips for Stocking Up for Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on Monday, November 10th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Ready for Thanksgiving dinner? Here are some tips to help you stock up on the extra food that you need (without spending more money than you have to).Ready for Thanksgiving? It isn’t too early to start preparing for Thanksgiving dinner if you are the one who will be hosting it. You’re going to need a whole lot of food! There are also some non-food items that you should have, too. Here are some tips to help you stock up for Thanksgiving dinner (without spending too much money).

How to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner

Check Your Stockpile
Do you keep a stockpile? Before you go grocery shopping, check to see what you already have at home. Take a close look at the packages of stuffing and mashed potatoes. Have they passed their expiration date? If not, then it might be safe to use them this Thanksgiving.

See if you have cans of cranberry sauce in your stockpile. Make sure it hasn’t passed the expiration date. While you are at it, look around to see if you have a tin foil “pan” to put the turkey in while it is roasting. Look for the Thanksgiving themed paper plates and napkins that you stored away last year. You can use them this year.

Make an Estimate
How many people do you expect to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner? Take your best guess. Butterball has an online tool that can help you figure out what size turkey you will need to buy. This can help prevent the problem of buying more turkey than you need (or want).

Enter the number of adults and the number of kids who will be at Thanksgiving dinner. Do you want leftovers? Let it know. Indicate whether you think your family are “big eaters” or “light eaters”. The tool will instantly let you know how many pounds of turkey you require. It also will tell you how much stuffing you will need (in cups and ounces).

Check the Sales
If you want to get the very best deals, you are going to have to do a little math. Start by checking the sales paper (or the stores website). Is the food you need to buy on sale? Does that sale require you to have the store’s loyalty card? Will a particular store take the coupon you have on a certain brand of stuffing?

Another option is to buy just a few of the things you need for Thanksgiving dinner at a time. Spread out the cost over several grocery shopping trips. For many people, a little extra expense is manageable, while a huge “all at once” expense is not. Don’t forget to use coupons on it and take advantage of loyalty card deals.

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