Step by Step Guide to Reupholstering Furniture
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Step by Step Guide to Reupholstering Furniture

Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 at 2:37 pm
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Are you tired of the fabric that is covering your favorite chair?  Did you inherit an old chair that is covered in cloth that simply doesn’t go with the rest of your room?  It is time to try your hand a reupholstering it.

Sure, you could hire someone else to do it, if you want to save yourself some time and effort.  However, if you want to save money, than you can reupholster that piece of furniture yourself.  Don’t be intimidated.  It isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Step One: Remove the staples from the chair.  These are going to be much sturdier staples than the kind that are designed to hold paper together.  Use a flat-head screwdriver.  Wedge the flat part underneath the staples, and try and pop them out.  If the chair has fabric tacks on it, then you will need to pop those out as well.  You might need to use a small hammer to pull those out.

Step Two: Carefully remove the fabric.  You will need to use the pieces as a template, so that you will know what size and shape the new fabric needs to be cut.  If you cannot help but destroy the fabric, then you are going to be doing a lot of measuring, to make things fit.

Step Three: Purchase new cloth to cover the chair with.  Jo Anne Fabrics is an excellent place to find inexpensive material.  They have frequent clearance sales.  Or, you could use the fabric that you already have at home (if you have enough of it to cover the chair).

Step Four: Check out the padding that was under the fabric.  Is it in good condition? If so, then leave it there.  If you have to replace it, then now is the time to do so.  You can get new padding from a store like Jo Anne Fabrics.  Quilters might have enough leftover pieces of padding from previous quilts to use on this project (especially if all you need to do is add a little more padding to it).

Step Five: Measure and cut the new fabric.  Use the old pieces of fabric as a template.  Roll out the new fabric onto a table, or the floor.  Pin the old pieces to it.  Depending on your skill with scissors, you can either cut around the templates, or you might want to trace it first.  Give each piece a little extra room, so that it won’t “shrink” when you sew the pieces together.

Step Six: After you have sewn some of the pieces together, position the new fabric onto the chair. Smooth it out as you go.  Gently sit on the chair, to make sure that the fabric is placed correctly, and that it doesn’t feel as though the seams will burst when someone sits on the chair. If you are going for the absolute minimum amount of work, then you can add fabric staples, or fabric tacks now, to completely secure the new upholstery.

Step Seven: This is optional.  Make your newly reupholstered chair look nice.  Create some dust jackets for the arms and back of the chair.   Add piping to the edges of the cushions.  Get a nice, clean, piece of fabric to replace the old fabric that is attached to the underside of the chair.  This will enhance its appearance, and make it look as though a professional reupholstered your chair.

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