SouthWest Vacations Coupons
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SouthWest Vacations Coupons

Posted on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 at 8:22 am
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Get great travel deals when you use SouthWest Vacations coupons to reduce the cost of your flight, hotel and other accommodations.

SouthWest Airlines Vacations is known for major savings in a couple of different areas. The first is with Disney vacations. You can score some amazing Disney deals and save money on your trip to Disney World or Disneyland. Look for Southwest Vacations coupons for bundled packages to Disney for the cheapest flights and hotel combination.

I really like the packages that include a stay at a Disney Resort, so look for these specials. Some deals get you more than $150 off per night of your stay! You can’t beat staying at a Disney resort for the convenience. Plus, you will save on the cost of a car rental, since the staying on the Disney property has many perks, such as free transportation. You can also find coupon codes that are good for inexpensive air travel to Disney without hotel accommodations.

The other thing that SouthWest Vacations is known for was hinted at above: low cost bundled packages. Typical SouthWest Airlines Vacations coupon codes will save you anywhere from $75 to $350 on a vacation package.

SouthWest Vacations also offers other ways to save. Combine great deals and special programs with the SouthWest Vacations coupons for double savings.

The Click and Save programs gives you instant discounts and deals to your desktop as soon as they occur. You’ll want to take advantage of these bargains right away because they don’t last long.
The Rapid Rewards program rewards you with free flights. Here is a hint. Pay for your shorter less expensive flights and use the free tickets for the longer flights to get the most savings out of this program for the least expense.

Whichever way you save with SouthWest Vacations, there is one more thing that you should know to make your flight easy. Be sure to check in early or print your boarding pass at home before your flight. SouthWest Airlines bases its seating on when you check in. In order to get your choice of a great seat, you’ll want to check in early and be in the “A” group.

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