Simple Ways to Save Money
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Simple Ways to Save Money

Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2015 at 7:30 am
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Having trouble making ends meet? There are plenty of simple ways to save a little money. Try some of these easy ideas!It’s the little things that count. Those little “extras” that you purchase on a whim can add up to a lot of money! Cutting back here and there on unnecessary spending can make it possible for you to save some money. There are plenty of other techniques people use when they want to stretch their dollars.

Buy the Store Brand
One quick way to save a few dollars is to drop all of your brand loyalty. Compare the brand you love with the store brand. Chances are, the store brand has the exact same ingredients as the brand you usually buy. The store brands tend to cost less than the big name brands. Start buying the store brand and you will be able to cut at least a few dollars off your grocery bill.

Pay Attention to Special Deals
This technique works best when it involves products that you were planning on buying in the first place. Wait for the grocery store to have one of those “buy two get two free” sales on soda. Stock up! Half your purchase is free. Make sure to check out similar deals on shampoo, deodorant, and other non-perishable products. Shop the clearance sales at clothing stores.

Buy Second-Hand Items
There are plenty of second-hand items that are safe to re-use. Select things that can be easily washed. Visit the local thrift stores for frugally priced clothing. Try on a few pairs of jeans there before you shop the department stores or boutiques.

Used book stores are excellent places to find gently-used books that once were on the best seller lists. This is also a great place to find children’s books.

Baby items tend to be expensive. One way to lower the cost is to swap with friends and family who also have children. “Hand-me-downs” are as frugal as it gets! Another option is to look for baby clothing, used strollers, and other baby items on eBay.

Stop Dining Out
You probably have a budget for groceries. Use those groceries up before they go bad. Sure, it can be tempting to dash through the drive through of a fast food place, or order take-out, when you are tired or busy. Realize that those costs add up and that you are mostly paying for convenience. Try to cut down the number of times you dine out in a month. Put that in your savings account instead.

Consider Netflix
Cable television can be expensive. Do you really watch all of those channels? Your family might be able to save some money if you “cut the cord” and started using a service such as Netflix. You pay a flat fee every month that is lower than a typical cable bill. There’s tons of movies and TV shows to choose from.

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