Simple Ways to Make Valentines
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Simple Ways to Make Valentines

Posted on Friday, January 17th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Valentines that are made by hand can be more meaningful than the mass produced valentines that you buy at the store.Valentine’s Day is when people traditionally give out valentines as a sign of friendship, affection, or love. Store-bought valentines will work just fine. However, valentines that were made by hand can seem even more meaningful. Here are some simple ways to make valentines.

Ideas for Frugal Valentines

Love Bug Valentines
The dandee blog has an easy and adorable way to make hand made valentines. You don’t have to be exceptionally skilled at art for these to turn out right.

First, find the link on the dandee blog that allows you to download the Love Bug printables. Next, visit the dollar store and buy a package of plastic bugs. Attach one bug to each valentine. This valentine will amuse people who like bugs.

Repurpose old valentines
Where are the valentines that your child got from his or her classmates last year? If you can find them, it is possible to repurpose them into new valentines to give away this year. Cut around the picture on the valentine. Glue it onto a red piece of construction paper. Add glitter or color it with crayons. There is room on the back to write the name of a classmate and the name of your child.

Cookie Valentines
This is a good choice for people who enjoy baking for their friends and family. Make a batch of sugar cookies. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the dough. Bake as you normally would. Add white, pink, or red frosting. Some people might want to bring a batch of these to the break room at work.

Draw a picture
Little kids love to draw pictures for the people that they love. This Valentine’s Day, ask your children to draw a picture for a family member. Give your child crayons or washable markers to use. You can restrict the color palette to red, pink, and purple if you want to fit the Valentine’s Day theme.

When your child is done, ask him or her to tell you about the picture. Write the story down on the back of the paper. Mail it to grandma or a favorite aunt or uncle. This will brighten someone’s day!

The art of letter writing
Anyone can go to the store and buy a Valentine’s Day card! Instead, why not sit down and write a love letter to your significant other? Today, people receive a lot of email. What comes in the mail is usually a bill or some junk mail. Get a pen and paper and write about how much you love and appreciate the special person in your life. It will mean so much more than if you sent the same words through email or text.

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