Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Clean
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Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Everyone likes a nice, clean, car! Here are some simple tips that will help you keep your car clean.Does your spring cleaning routine include your car? Now is as good a time as any! Families who will be spending a lot of time in the car as they travel to their spring break destinations will appreciate a nice, clean, vehicle. These same tips will help after the vacation is over and the car needs another good cleaning.

How to Keep Your Car Clean

Save Money at the Car Wash
Is the car wash your preferred method of keeping your car clean? Look for a gas station that also has a car wash and visit when you need to fill your car with gas. Most gas stations that have a car wash will give you a discount on the car wash when you fill your tank. This is a really easy way to save a few dollars on a car wash.

Use a Vacuum
After you have cleaned the outside of your car, it is time to clean the inside. The gas station might have a vacuum that you can use to clean the dirt that has gotten onto the floor, and in between the seat cushions, of your car. Don’t forget to vacuum underneath the floor mats. If the gas station doesn’t offer a vacuum, drive home and use your shop vac instead.

Clean Your Wiper Blades
The windshield may look clean right now. That won’t last if your window wipers are really dirty! Reader’s Digest suggests that you make a solution of 1/4 cup of household ammonia to 1 quart water. Lift the blades away from the window. Be gentle! Wipe both sides of the window blades with a soft cloth that has been soaked in the solution. Dry them with a cloth before you put the window wipers back in place.

Choose the Right Detergent
Will you be washing your car at home? Make sure you use a soap that is designed for car washing. Don’t use dishwashing detergent to clean your car. It can strip the polymers off of the paint surface and accelerate the oxidation process! You can find inexpensive car washing detergent in the automotive aisle of your favorite frugal department store.

Newspapers Help Clean Windows
The windows of your car can be cleaned with any non-ammonia glass cleaner and a soft, dry cloth. Roll each window down a little bit so that you can remove the dirt that accumulates at the top. Use a crumpled newspaper to polish the glass after it is dry.

Prevent the Mess
Don’t eat in your car. This prevents crumbs, dropped food, and food wrappers from creating a mess. Keep a trash bag in the car, and used tissues and other trash will have a place to go. Park your car inside your garage and you can prevent a lot of dirt and pollen from accumulating on it.

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