Should You Shop at Multiple Grocery Stores?
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Should You Shop at Multiple Grocery Stores?

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 12:03 pm
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One of the questions that I routinely contemplate is whether or not I should shop in more than one store to get the best deals or save gas by sticking to just one store. There is a good argument for both sides.

Different stores usually offer different deals each week.

You should shop in multiple stores if the stores are close by each other or near places where you will be anyway, such as on your way home from work. This way, you are not going out of your way and spending extra time and gas for the bargains.

When I lived closer to the city, it was easy for me to combine a healthy walk with trips to multiple stores, so I never wasted any gas.

You should shop at multiple stores if you will be getting multiple deals and products from each store. Spending $3 on gas to go to another store to save $.50 just isn’t worth it. But if you will be saving $15 on products that you use anyway, then it would be worth it.

Don’t shop at multiple stores if a nearby store has a price matching policy. Just take the ads from the other stores and bring them with you when you shop. This way, you can get everyone’s best prices in one place. You can even use your coupons when you price match for extra savings!

Now here is a bonus tip. Check your coupons for ones that are about to expire. It might be worth it to make a special trip to a new store if you can use several of these expiring coupons on good sales.

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