Should You Shop at Multiple Grocery Stores?
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Should You Shop at Multiple Grocery Stores?

Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 6:12 am
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Shopping at multiple grocery stores can save money, but it can also be time consuming. Learn how to optimize your time and savings! Shopping at multiple grocery stores can save money simply because certain stores offer better prices on some products than other stores do, whether it be for the sake of competition or just because. However, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of time (or gas money) running from store to store just to save a few dollars. So how can you optimize your time and savings when shopping at multiple grocery stores?

Is it Best to Shop at Multiple Stores?

Start by comparison shopping.

If you live in close proximity to multiple grocery store chains, start by comparison shopping. Check the prices of the grocery items you buy most often. You’ll probably want to start a price book to get organized and save time. If you are using coupons, take note of which stores your coupon’s are for so you can work them into your plan. Coupons can help you decide which stores to shop at. You can get coupons in the mail, online, on your mobile device, and in the newspaper.

Map out your route.

Once you have organized your price book and coupons, you are ready to map out your route. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to hit up every grocery store in town. Instead, choose 2-3 stores with the best bargains and plan your trip as economically as possible. Also, don’t feel committed to shop at the same stores each week. Instead, choose the one’s with the best sales and coupons. Before long, you will be familiar with all of them!

Take advantage of multiple loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs are a great way to save money. Store’s establish loyalty programs to keep their customers coming back to their store, but who said you can’t take advantage of multiple store’s loyalty programs and really optimize your savings? Find out when certain stores are running loyalty program specials on the items you need that week.

Don’t forget to ask about coupon policies!

The truth is, you might find that your favorite grocery store is willing to match competitor’s coupons. In this case, savvy couponing may be more beneficial than shopping at multiple grocery stores. Know your store’s coupon policies. You can get info on your store’s coupon policies by visiting their website or talking with the store manager. Ask about coupon stacking, coupon doubling, coupon overages, mobile coupons, coupon matching, and expiration date policies.

Think outside the box (stores).

Don’t forget that you can also find grocery bargains at smaller local markets, farmer’s markets, and specialty stores such as Trader Joe’s. Farmer’s markets are a great place to find top quality produce and support your local community. I visit my local farmer’s market once a week to buy my produce. The prices aren’t always the most competitive, but the quality is definitely worth it! I find that chain stores are best for stocking up on pantry, bulk, and coupon items.


All that being said, hopping at multiple grocery stores can definitely save money, but it takes a little planning and organization. You may find the savings are outstanding one week, but not so great the next week. So, make sure to plan your shopping trips and check the sales before you embark. My recommendation: only shop at multiple grocery stores when you know the savings are worth it.


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