3 Rules to Seasonable Shopping
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3 Rules for Shopping Seasonally

Posted on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 at 8:42 am
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You don't have to have a big budget when it comes to clothes shopping. You just have to know how to shop reasonably!Despite the often intimidating clothing price tags, you don’t need a big budget when it comes to shopping for clothes. You just have to shop reasonably, or as I like to say, shop seasonably!

How to Shop Seasonally

Rule #1: Stock Up Post-Season

The most important rule to shopping seasonably is not to underestimate the importance of stocking up on clothes at the end of each season. However, keep in mind that clothing seasons don’t always adhere to calendar seasons or weather conditions. This can make pinpointing sales a little tricky. For example, although it might still be cold and blustery outside, January is a good time to start looking for winter clearance sales. Stock up on things like coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, and boots because before you know it summer styles will be taking over the racks!

Rule #2: Stay Ahead of the Game

When shopping for season clearance sales, it’s a good idea to stay one step ahead of the seasons. It’s easy to miss end-of-season clothing sales because they often occur before the next season has begun. So, don’t linger too long in the mindset of winter because summer styles won’t wait, and once they come out the winter clearance will disappear quick.

Rule #3: Never Pay Full Price

Another fundamental rule to shopping seasonably is to never shop for clothes at the beginning of the season. By that I mean, don’t shop for summer styles when they first come out. Wait a few months for the end of season clearance. As I mentioned, end of season sales usually happen before the weather changes. So, you can save money and still have time to wear your new clothes before next year! I know how tempting the new styles can be, but trust me, a little patience will save you a lot of money!

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