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How to Save Money at After-Christmas Sales

Posted on Friday, December 21st, 2012 at 7:00 am
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Stores have After Christmas Sales every year. This is when to pick up Christmas stuff for the lowest prices of the year.The best time to save on Christmas cards, wrapping paper, lights, trees, and Christmas ornaments is during the After Christmas Sales. The stores will sell the holiday items at a big discount in order to make room on their shelves for the next holiday’s products. Here are some tips to help you save money with the After Christmas Sales.

How to Save Money at After-Christmas Sales

Start Early
It might be thought of as an “After Christmas” sale, but it is very likely going to start before Christmas arrives! Last year, these sales started a few weeks before Christmas. This year, I’ve seen some stores start knocking down the price on holiday items a few days after Thanksgiving!

If you want to get the good stuff before it disappears, you need to start early. Take some time today to browse the websites of your favorite retail chains, to see what their After Christmas sale includes.

Make a List
Santa’s not the only one who should make a list and check it twice. When you unpacked your Christmas stuff this year, you probably found a few ornaments that broke, or a string of lights that mysteriously died. Maybe your kids damaged a couple of ornaments or other holiday decorations after they had been put on display.

Keep a list of the things you need to replace. Buy them at the After Christmas sales when they will be at the lowest price possible. Don’t wait to buy them next year, before Christmas, at full price!

Pick Up the Staples
There are some things that you are going to need a fresh supply of each and every Christmas. Consumable items like Christmas cards, gift tags, bows, and wrapping paper are not the type of things you can use more than once.

Barnes & Noble has awesome sales on boxed Christmas cards every year. Both Barnes & Noble and Target are great places to pick up wrapping paper. Target probably will have bows and gift tags included in their After Christmas sales.

Plan Ahead
Expecting another child before next Christmas? He or she is going to need a Christmas stocking. You might find one that you like, for a nice price, at the After Christmas sales.

Need a calendar for the New Year? Many people purchase calendars as gifts for friends and family. Stores put their remaining stock of calendars on sale starting December 26, the day after Christmas. This is the best time to pick up calendars for your home or office.

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