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Sephora Coupons

Posted on Monday, December 13th, 2010 at 12:24 pm
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Sephora is one of the most sought after brands for make up and other health and beauty care. The Sephora products are well known for being high quality, combing science with a long history of expert tradition.

Like a kid in a candy story, it isn’t hard to find dozens and dozens of great Sephora products to purchase, especially when shopping for Sephora online. The make up collections are especially prized. Fortunately, you can have your fill of great products and save money on makeup when you take advantage of some online shopping secrets.

The first thing to do is to look for high value Sephora coupons. And while you can shop in the retail store or the online store, shopping online for makeup has some definite advantages, such as the ability to compare prices, act quickly on a limited or exclusive deals, and get some high value discounts.
Sephora coupons often gift you with extra products when you make a purchase. For example, a Sephora coupon may get you a free mascara with any order or an to-go version of a product. Speaking of full sized products, many of the Sephora freebies are full sized!

Jump on any promotion that offers you a free product on any order with no minimum, especially if you combine it with free shipping. Make a small purchase, and you can get a more expensive gift throw in for free. You can’t lose.

While Sephora doesn’t always offer free shipping coupons, look for free shipping deals during the holidays. Sometimes there is a minimum order required to qualify for free shipping, but not always.
The sale section of Sephora often features some great bargains. A recent visit to the Sephora sales showed products at 50 percent off and more, including make up collections, Philosophy shampoo, a limited edition Tokidoki hair dryer and more.

Value sets are another place to explore at the Sephora website. You’ll save money when you buy a collection rather than choosing individual products.

Finally, be sure to check out the free sample section. You can get up to three free samples with each order! from Versace to Clinque, there is a lot of value to be had for free.

So, shop the sales and value sets, use those Sephora coupons, look for free shipping promotions, and don’t forget to pick your three free samples when you shop. You’ll get a bounty of great quality makeup and other products for very little cost.

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