How "Semi-Homemade" Cooking Saves
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How “Semi-Homemade” Cooking Saves Money

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 11:42 am
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Save time and money on your Thanksgiving feast this year with semi-homemade cooking! Semi-homemade cooking is a great way to save big on your Thanksgiving feast this year.

What Is “Semi-Homemade” Cooking?

You might be wondering, what is “semi-homemade cooking?” Semi-homemade cooking (as seen on the Food Network) is a nice alternative to cooking from scratch. It uses pre-packaged ingredients along with other added ingredients to create a semi-homemade dish. That is, a dish that is somewhere between homemade and out-of-a-box cooking. The best thing about semi-homemade cooking is that is can save both time and money!

How “Semi-Homemade” Cooking Saves

The reason semi-homemade cooking recipes come with such deep savings is because you can often find a lot more valuable coupons for pre-made ingredients, such as boxed stuffing or mashed potatoes. You can then add whatever ingredients you want. For example, I will use a coupon for boxed stuffing (you can usually get it for almost free with sales and coupons). Then I’ll add a few cheap ingredients of my own, such as celery or apple chunks.

“Semi-Homemade” Inspiration

The possibilities for semi-homemade cooking are endless. Here’s a few ideas to help you plan a semi-homemade Thanksgiving meal!

  • Semi-homemade stuffing: start by using the cheapest boxed stuffing you can get your hands on. Then, add whatever ingredients you like to give it a home-made touch! You might consider adding cranberries, apples, celery, turkey, carrots, or various spices.
  • Semi-homemade cranberry sauce: Pick up some chunky canned cranberry sauce when you see a sale or coupons. You can then add your own touch with some fresh orange zest!
  • Semi-homemade mashed potatoes: Start with your favorite boxed mashed potatoes and then add your favorite ingredients. I like to add a few mashed mini golden Yukon potatoes and dill. You can also add some mini redskin potatoes for color (and a home-made appearance!).
  • Semi-homemade gravy: Who said you couldn’t add some personal zest to pre-made gravy? Get creative! You can use powdered or pre-made gravy as a starting point and add your own spices, turkey, etc.
  • Semi-homemade bread pudding: Bread pudding is a great alternative (or addition) to pumpkin pie for a Thanksgiving dessert. Check out this semi-homemade bread pudding recipe using packets of instant oatmeal!


You can find 100 more semi-homemade recipes here. Good luck with you semi-homemade Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to take advantage of all those wonderful sales and savings!

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