Saving Money With Your Smartphone
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Saving Money With Your Smartphone

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 2:12 pm
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All you smartphone users out there, tune in for some tips on how your smartphone can start saving you some serious cash!

Money Saving Apps

First and foremost, there are thousands of apps available for your smartphone. Many of these apps are designed to help savvy shoppers, such as yourself, find deals and save money. There are apps for everything from finding the lowest gas prices in your vicinity to apps that actively earn you points towards rewards and coupons while you’re shopping. There’s even an app specially for money saving tips! Check out our “Money Saving Apps” page for more insider scoop on the latest and greatest apps to help you save!

Checking Deals

You can also use your smartphone to check for deals on the internet or using certain apps. I often use the “Google Places” app on my iPhone to check reviews and price ranges at nearby restaurants – this way I never get stuck with a huge bill for a mediocre meal. Even punch cards have gone mobile, so you can reap the benefits of loyalty and rewards programs without stuffing your wallet full of cards. Check out the Punchd, Stampt, and mPunch apps for your smartphone!

Mobile Coupons

And of course, don’t forget the coupons! Your smartphone can help you not only find coupons, but it can actually act as the coupon at some stores. That’s right, some stores will accept coupons straight off your smartphone screen, saving you the time and money it takes to clip or print your coupons. Learn all about how mobile coupons work and who accepts them here!

So, if you have a smartphone and haven’t started using it to save money yet, then now is the time to start. Your smartphone is an invaluable, unstoppable money saving machine!

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