Saving for the Holidays - Time to Declutter!
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Time to Declutter for the Holidays

Posted on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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If you're wondering just how to go about selling your extra stuff we've come up with some easy and manageable ways to do so.As part two of our series on how to save for the holidays encourages you to simplify your home and life. Yep, that means it’s time to seriously declutter your home and get rid of all the stuff you haven’t and will not use. Not only will selling your extra knickknacks earn you a pretty penny, but it’ll help clear your mind and prepare yourself for the hectic holiday season to come. If you’re wondering just how to go about selling your extra stuff we’ve come up with some easy and manageable ways to do so.

1. Garage Sale

Even though garage sales are typically done during the summer it’s not too late! The extra leg work a garage sale takes manifests itself in the results you get in terms of selling your extra possessions. Garage sales allow you to maximize the amount sold with the smallest amount of time. If you have a larger family things can get even easier! Not only can it be a great way to teach your kids about the marketplace, but the more bodies the faster and more smoothly things will go! If you want specific tips on how to put on a successful garage sale read our post “How to Make Money With a Garage Sale”.

2. Craigslist and Ebay

Trust us,  you can sell pretty much anything on Craigslist or Ebay. Whether its old baby clothing or larger pieces of furniture, Craigslist and Ebay allow you to find buyers for specific items. When creating a Craigslist posting or an Ebay ad it’s best to advertise your product with a clear picture and an accurate description. Include an asking price, but don’t hold on too firmly to that price. You want to sell, but that may come with a bit of haggling and bidding. To get an idea of how shoppers on Craigslist typically shop check out our post “Craigslist: A Treasure Trove of Bargains”. To learn how shoppers on Ebay hunt for deals check out our post “Saving with Ebay”.

3. Electronics Trade-In Programs

Is anyone in your family a tech junkie? If so there are probably some gadgets around the house that no one uses anymore. If they’re not in use you can trade in old electronics for gift cards and cash. Even Target is in the game of trading in old electronics for high-value gift cards. If you’re looking for more trade-in programs for your old electronics be sure to check out  this Mashable post on the topic.

4. Thrift or Consignment Shops

I know at least I’m guilty of hoarding a closet full of clothes with pieces I haven’t worn for months! If you haven’t worn an item in about 6 months it may be time to finally get rid of it. One way to do so is to take the clothes (which are clean of course) to your local consignment or thrift stores. Whether the store buys your items generally depends on what season they are purchasing for and the style of your clothing. Also, don’t get discouraged if your first stop doesn’t purchase your items. Different stores look for different qualities so you may get lucky at your next stop.

5. Donate!

After all, it is almost the holiday season. If you can’t find a way to sell your extra possessions you can always donate them to a local charity or organizations like Salvation Army and Goodwill. Your unused items could go to help someone less fortunate than yourself, so don’t hesitate to donate!

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