Save on Seasonal Produce in May
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Save on Seasonal Produce in May

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Save on Seasonal Produce in May | FreeCoupons.comIt isn’t always easy to feed your family healthy foods. We know that, most of the time, it costs less to buy a meal at a fast food place than it does to purchase fresh produce for a meal made at home. To cut down on the costs, buy seasonal produce and save money. Here is a list of what fruits and vegetables to look for in May.

Nature doesn’t follow the calendar like humans do. This means that some foods will be in season for more than one month. The peak time for that produce overlaps two (or more) months. That means that the list of in season produce for May could have some foods that were in season in April. That gives you more time to buy the food at the lowest price.

Apricots – If you like nectarines, you may like apricots
Blueberries – contain antioxidants
Cherries – Tasty all on their own
Mangos – I’ve had these on fish tacos
Nectarines – An orange colored fruit with a lovely scent
Peaches – Time to make a peach cobbler
Pineapples – Great for grilling on a kabob
Strawberries – Plenty of recipes require strawberries

Artichokes – Have you tried it on a pizza?
Arugula – A nice addition to a salad
Asparagus – Goes great with salmon
Broccoli – Lovely in a salad, or steamed and covered in cheese
Brussels sprouts – Will your family eat them?
Carrots – Great for snacks or in a salad
Collards – also called collard greens
Kale – I hear this works well in juice
Leeks – Sort of an alternative for onion
Lettuce – You will need this to make a salad
Mushrooms – Saute them and throw them in pasta, or leave them raw for salad
Okra – Used in gumbo
Potatoes – Everybody loves potatoes!
Radishes – Add a kick to your salad!
Rhubarb – May is a good time to make a strawberry and rhubarb pie
Scallions – Sort of like an onion, but not quite
Spinach – Healthy and a nice alternative to lettuce
Spring onions – Onions are used in lots of foods
Spring peas – Try some of these recipes that include spring peas.
Swiss chard – Used in Mediterranean cooking
Turnips – Mashed turnips are a nice alternative to potatoes
Zucchini – Slice it up, saute it, and add it to your pasta

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