Save on Seasonal Produce in March
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Save on Seasonal Produce in March

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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seasonal, vegetables, recipesFresh produce can be extremely expensive! The last few grocery shopping trips that my husband and I went on are proof. Instead of giving up on fresh fruits and vegetables, we are going to try and shop smarter. One way to save money on produce is to buy it when it is in season. This is when you can find it for the lowest price of the whole year.

You will find some of the produce that is in season for the month of March is the same as what was in season for February. There are also some delicious new additions! Take this list with you to the grocery store, and save money on fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.





Grapefruits – A fast and healthy breakfast food
Guavas – Something new to try this month
Kumquats – I’ve seen this described as “like an orange in reverse”
Lemons – You can’t go wrong with a nice pitcher of lemonade
Limes – Add a slice to a glass of water for a fresher taste
Mandarins – Similar to an orange
Oranges – A great snack food for school lunches
Strawberries – A sweet and healthy snack that you can top pancakes with
Tangerines – Another fun alternative to an orange

Artichokes – Funny looking, but very nutritious
Arugula – Make your salad more interesting
Asparagus – So tasty when wrapped in bacon!
Beets – You either love them, or you hate them
Broccoli – Wonderful in a stir-fry
Brussels Sprouts – Another veggie people either love or hate
Cabbage – One of my new favorite veggies!
Carrots – A healthy snack for a school lunch
Cauliflower – Can be used as a substitute for rice
Chives – Not exactly an onion
Collards – Can be used in a variety of dishes
Garlic – Garlic makes everything taste better!
Leeks – Again, not exactly an onion
Onions – Great for sauteing with ground beef or burgers
Parsnips – Sort of like carrots, but sweeter
Potatoes – A favorite veggie for many people!
Radishes – Add some kick to your salad
Rutabaga – Not quite a turnip
Turnips – Makes a nice alternative to mashed potatoes
Spinach – Super healthy addition to a salad

Others (Not veggie or fruits)
Endive – A dainty lettuce like herb
Mint – An herb that adds a nice taste to tea
Parsley – A bitter herb, often used as garnish
Walnuts – Add them to some brownies

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