Save on Seasonal Produce in February
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Save on Seasonal Produce in February

Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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It has been said many times, and it remains true. The very best time to buy produce is when it is in season. This is when you will find the freshest foods at the lowest price all year long! Fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious, nutritious, and healthy for your family to enjoy. Sometimes, it is nice to cook with fresh produce instead of canned or frozen ones.

Here is a quick list of produce that is in season during the month of February. As you can see, there is some overlap with the produce that was in season for January. Nature has its own timetable and doesn’t follow the calendar in the same way that we do. We see February as different from January, but plants certainly don’t make this separation! Print out this list of in season produce for February, and bring it with you to the grocery store. You will end up saving some money!

Clementines – a nice alternative to having an orange at lunch
Grapefruit – a quick and healthy breakfast
Lemons – Make some fresh lemonade!
Oranges – filled with vitamin C
Pears – another nice snack to toss into lunches
Tangelos – a hybrid of a tangerine (or mandarin orange) and a grapefruit
Tangerine – yet another citrus fruit that contains vitamin C

Arugula – an interesting change from lettuce
Asparagus – so lovely with salmon
Beets – You either love them or you hate them
Bok choy – Time to make a stir fry!
Broccoli – Great in salad, stir fry, or with cheese
Brussels Sprouts – another vegetable that people either love or hate
Cabbage – This is my new favorite vegetable!
Carrots – a quick and healthy snack for lunch
Celery – add some peanut butter, and your preschooler will eat it
Cilantro – the perfect herb to add to Mexican food
Dill – another herb to put into foods
Fennel – Yet another herb. It seems February is an “herb garden”.
Kale – a favorite of people who like to juice
Lettuce – Make a salad, or add it to tacos.
Leeks – a nice alternative to onions
Onions – always nice when sauteed
Parsnips – a variation of a turnip
Shallots – They are in the onion family, but quite different!
Sweet Potatoes – Tastier and less boring than mashed potatoes
Turnips – another alternative to mashed potatoes
Rhubarb – has a lovely color!

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