Save on In Season Produce in April
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Save on In Season Produce in April

Posted on Monday, April 1st, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Fruits and VegetablesFresh produce can be expensive. One good way to lower the cost of your grocery bill, and still include healthy fruits and vegetables for your family to eat, is to buy produce when it is in season. The price will be at its lowest for the whole year! Here are the fruits and vegetables to shop for in April.

You might notice some repeats on this list of in season produce for April that also appeared on the list for March. Plants don’t follow the calendar the same way that people do, so their will be some overlap from time to time. There are also some new additions that are in season in April. Print out this list and bring it with you to the grocery store so you can save some money on produce.

* Artichokes – A nice alternative to whatever green veggie you usually serve for dinner
* Arugula – Try this in salad instead of lettuce
* Asparagus – Wrap it in bacon
* Beets – You either love them or you hate them
* Broccoli – Try it with melted cheese
* Carrots – Make a carrot raisin salad
* Cauliflower- Use a food processor to make this into a nice alternative to rice
* Celery – Add some peanut butter for a quick snack
* Cucumbers – Slice them and add some crunch to a sandwich
* Fava beans – Go nicely into soups
* Leeks – A great addition to potato soup
* Lettuce – The starting point for a healthy salad
* Mushrooms – Saute them!
* Parsnips – Try this instead of a turnip
* Radishes – A crunchy addition to spice up a salad
* Rhubarb – Toss this into the veggies that you are juicing
* Scallions – Another nice alternative to onions
* Spring Peas – Give peas a chance
* Spinach – Another lovely start to a salad
* Tomatoes – One of my favorites!

* Cherries – When was the last time you ate some cherries?
* Grapefruit – A quick and healthy breakfast
* Kumquat – A tasty fruit with a funny name
* Lemons – Time to make some lemon bars!
* Navel Oranges – Pack this into a lunch as a snack
* Nectarines – Yet another orange colored fruit that is now in season
* Tangerines – Try this as a lunch snack as an alternative to oranges
* Raspberries – Add some to your yogurt or oatmeal
* Strawberries – A favorite fruit of many people

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