Save Money With Reusable School Supplies
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Save Money With Reusable School Supplies

Posted on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Before you shop for new school supplies, check to see what you have a home that can be reused from last school year.  The new school year will be starting sooner than you might think. Before you head to the stores to pick up brand new school supplies take a minute to figure out what you already have at home. Save money by reusing what you can.

How to Reuse School Supplies

Locate the backpack that your child used last school year. What condition is it in? There are some children who are especially hard on their backpacks and who will destroy them by the end of the school year. In most cases, though, a backpack can be used for more than one year. Check it over and look for holes in the bottoms or rips in the straps. If it looks good, it can be used again.

Lunch bags
Spend a few dollars on a reusable lunch bag now, and you can save the expense of buying paper lunch bags all year long. Small plastic containers make an inexpensive alternative to plastic bags for snacks and sandwiches. A kid sized, decorative, reusable water bottle is more fun (and less costly) than a one-use can of soda or cardboard drink box will be.

Durable School Supplies
The plastic or wooden ruler that your child needed to bring to school last year is probably in good enough shape to be reused this year. Plastic pencil boxes tend to hold up for multiple school years. Your child may have brought home a few unused pencils, leftover notebook paper, and a folder or two that survived the school year intact. Where are they? Search your home to find them before you buy new ones.

Read the Teacher’s List
There are some school supplies that you can reasonably expect your child to need, year after year. Everybody needs some pencils, no matter what grade they are in. As for the rest, you might want to wait until you get the supply list from your child’s new teacher. Does she want students to bring bottles of glue, or glue sticks? Should you buy paper that has wide lines or thin lines? Wait and see before you go shopping.

Paper Bags
Some teachers will require students to put their textbooks into a book cover. You can make them from the paper bags that you get at the grocery store. Ask for paper, instead of plastic, on your next grocery shopping trip, and you can get some paper bags for free. Some stores will sell customers the bags they need for $0.10 each. That’s a lot cheaper than the cloth book covers that you can buy from the store!

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