How to Save Money on Groceries with EcoBonus
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Save Money with EcoBonus

Posted on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Eco Bonus LogoHave you signed up with EcoBonus yet? It is free to sign up and really easy to do. EcoBonus is a rewards program that allows people to collect points and earn rewards for purchasing natural, eco-conscious, or socially responsible products. It is also a good resource for coupons from eco-friendly brands. It is a bit different from iBotta (which can also help you to save money on groceries) because EcoBonus doesn’t offer you money. I am finding the points, rewards, and offers to be very helpful.

How it Works
First, go shopping. You are going to have to get groceries eventually anyway, so this part is easy. As you shop, look for products that are connected to EcoBonus. The packages should have an EcoBonus logo printed on them. Next, (after you get home) log in to the EcoBonus website and enter the codes for the products you purchased. Just like that, you will have earned some points. It does not matter which store you shopped at, either.

How You Save
There are several ways to save money through EcoBonus. Members get access to coupons for the products that are involved with EcoBonus. You are probably already buying some of these products anyway, so why not grab some coupons for them?

Another way to save money is by collecting points and then exchanging them for eco-friendly products. Some of the bigger items include solar powered outdoor lights and compost bins. Smaller ones include school supplies like EcoBonus Newspencil Pencil packs and Crayola Classpacks of 256 Broad line markers. Use your points instead of spending money for the same items!

Use Social Media
Visit the EcoBonus Facebook page to learn about special offers and deals. Follow EcoBonus on Twitter to find links to coupons for brands that are good for the planet, are organic, are GMO free, or are gluten free. Check out their Pinterest page to see images that show exactly where to look for the code on specific products.

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