Save Money on Snacks While Traveling
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Save Money on Snacks While Traveling

Posted on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Going on vacation can be a nice break. It can also quickly become very expensive. One way to cut down on the cost is to plan ahead. The way to save money on snacks while traveling is to bring your own. Doing so prevents you from having to buy overpriced snacks at the airport.

For best results, choose foods that do not require refrigeration. You don’t want to accidentally eat a food that has gone bad and then spend your vacation being sick. You may not have the budget to pay for a night spent in a hospital.

Some healthy options that will travel well include: dried fruit, jerky, crackers, rice cakes, granola bars, protein bars, dry cereal, nuts, popcorn, pretzels, and trail mix. All of these are “finger foods” that do not require refrigeration.

Easy to Eat
When deciding what kind of snacks to bring, keep in mind the environment you will be in. Avoid things that require the use of sauce, or spreads, that could get really messy. Traveling by train or car isn’t always smooth, and air travel sometimes involves turbulence. Food that requires in-travel preparation may be too difficult to eat.

Another way to make travel snacks easy to eat is to put them in reusable containers. Small plastic containers, with secure lids, can be very helpful. You can quickly open them and close them as needed.

Just in Case
Unexpected things happen when people travel. You might only have a short span of time to catch your flight or train. Weather can delay your departure time. There is a risk that you could be stuck somewhere while hungry.

The overpriced (and not always healthy) foods that are nearby can seem tempting if you are getting hungry and feeling desperate and frustrated. Save your money and eat the snacks that you brought with. Families that are traveling with small children will definitely need plenty of kid friendly snacks.

Bring a Water Bottle
It is important to stay hydrated. People who are on vacation tend to forget how long they’ve been out in the sun. You might underestimate the amount of exercise you are getting as you explore new places. Bringing a water bottle with you can help keep you well hydrated.

Fill the water bottle at your hotel before you set out for the day. If you run out of water, you may be able to find a cafe or restaurant that offers water for free. You won’t feel the need to spend money on sodas from vendors while you are out if you have water with you.

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