Save Money on Reusable Grocery Totes
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Save Money on Reusable Grocery Totes

Posted on Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 7:00 am
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Those who live where a plastic grocery bag ban has been issued will need reusable grocery totes.  Here are some tip on how to save money on them.Do you live in a place where a plastic grocery bag ban has been issued? I do! Every time I go to the grocery store I make sure to bring some reusable grocery totes with me. Here are the tips and tricks that I use to save money on bags while grocery shopping.

How to Save Money Using Reusable Grocery Bags

Store Your Totes in Your Car
Grocery stores can’t give out free plastic grocery bags to consumers if there is a plastic bag ban. Instead, they will charge five or ten cents per paper bag. That can add up if you buy a lot of groceries every week. Start storing your reusable grocery totes in your car. This helps you avoid the fee, and keeps you from forgetting to bring your bags with you to the store.

Use Store Rewards
Target periodically prints coupons for their grocery totes.

Fresh and Easy has a Friends Reward program for customers. Signing up gives you access to store coupons that save you a certain amount depending on how much you spent. Use that coupon on the day you buy a tote.

Ralph’s gives you five points towards fuel per each reusable bag you use in one transaction. You can get points for up to ten bags. Eventually, the amount you spent on the totes will be less than the amount you saved on gas.

Trader Joe’s will give customers who bring in reusable totes a ticket for a drawing. Somebody will win a $25.00 gift card. You do not have to use totes that you bought at Trader Joe’s in order to be entered.

Think Outside of the Box
Barnes & Noble is not a grocery store. However, they sell a lot of sturdy, decorative, totes, all year long. If you sign up for their email, you will be sent coupons. Sometimes, the coupons are for their seasonal totes. Other times, the coupon is for a certain amount off any one product. Use it on a reusable tote!

Thrift stores are wonderful places to shop. You can find a variety of things for a very low price. Check to see if anyone has donated some canvas bags to the thrift store. A person might have gotten a free bag after making a donation to a charity, decided that they didn’t need the bag, and passed it on to the thrift store. I would recommend washing these bags before you put groceries into them.

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