Save Money On Long Distance Calls
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Save Money On Long Distance Calls

Posted on Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 at 10:12 am
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Keeping in touch with relatives and loved ones who live far away isn’t easy.  If you are connecting by phone, those long distance charges could be more than your budget can handle.  Fortunately, there are ways that you can save money on long distance calls.  Try one of these ideas, and you might not have to give up connecting to your loved ones after all!

Instead of using your land line, why not try Skype?  It is a simple to install, free to use, piece of software that is compatible with both Mac and PC.  Both you, and the person you want to talk to, must have Skype on your computers in order for this to work.

Connecting to people through Skype is free, and you can talk to them and hear them just like you would on a traditional phone call.  If both people have a webcam, then you can enable Skype to let you both see each other as you talk.

Viber is an app that is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.  It is free to download.  Instead of calling your relative from your cell phone, you activate the Viber app.  Make your phone call, or send your text message through the app.

If your relative also uses Viber, then those texts and calls are free!  This is, of course, assuming that you are using Viber on a 3G network, (and that you don’t get hit with internet access fees or operator data charges).

Do your loved ones live overseas?  There may be a calling card for the country that they live in.  You can purchase these cards from convenience stores, from cell phone stores, or online.  Usually, this is a prepaid type of system.  You put an amount of money on the card.

Use the card when you make your call (there should be directions on it, or that come with it).  The amount that you will be charged per minute to talk to your overseas relative could be a lower charge than it would be through your land line.  Sometimes, you can reload a calling card after it has been spent.

If all you have is a land line, then you need to review your plan.  Some plans will charge you less to make a long distance call if you do it at certain times, or on certain days.  If you can fit your phone call into those timeframes, you could save some money.


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