Save Money on Gardening
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How to Save Money on Gardening

Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Ready to plant a garden?  There are many things you can do to cut down on the cost of starting and maintaining one.  Try some of these tips.Spring is a season that makes many people think about going outside and digging in their garden. Whether you are planning on planting flowers, or vegetables, one thing is certain. Frugal gardeners are going to want to save money on their gardening hobby. Here are some tips to help you do that.

How to Save on Gardening

Shop the Hardware Store
Department stores are selling cute, decorated, garden tools right now. They aren’t necessarily better than what you can find in your local hardware store – and they probably aren’t as durable. Do a price check before you make a purchase. There’s a good chance that the hardware store is selling gardening tools for a lower price. The hardware store will almost certainly have lower prices than the gardening catalogs do!

Don’t Buy More than you Need
You’ve decided that your garden has room for three tomato plants. Or, maybe you want a row of six tulips in your window box garden. Many people will start by purchasing a packet of seeds.

But, do you really need an entire package of seeds? It might be less expensive to purchase the plants instead and put them in your garden. This is especially true with tulips, which are perennial, and can “grow back” every year.

Buy Local
Let’s say you want to buy some fertilizer for your garden. See if you can find a local place to purchase it from. Bags of fertilizer are heavy, and the weight is going to add to the cost of having it shipped to you. You can avoid that extra expense by purchasing the bags of fertilizer locally and picking it up from the store yourself.

Repurpose Water
One way to save money on the cost of watering your garden is to repurpose “grey water”. Save the water that you used to wash your dishes. Collect up the bath water instead of letting it go down the drain after you are done bathing. Repurpose the water by using it to water your garden.

Another great way to collect up water is to put a rain barrel underneath your gutter. It will catch the rain water. Use that water in your garden.

Use Inexpensive Pots
Seedlings can be grown in the individual “cups” of a carton of eggs. It might be best to use an egg carton that is made of paper. Separate the individual “cups” from each other before you put in a seedling. The entire thing can be placed into your garden when the seedling is ready to be planted.

Visit the thrift store and check out local garage sales. There could be some usable pots to grow plants in. Those pots will be sold for a very frugal price.

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