Save Money - Make Your Own Princess Costume!
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How to Make Your Own Princess Costume

Posted on Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Halloween costumes can be expensive.  Save money by using these ideas to make your own princess costume!Does your child want to spend Halloween dressed as a glamourous princess with a beautiful gown? Buying a pre-made costume can be expensive. You can save money if you make the costume yourself. Doing so can be as simple as finding the right “pieces” or as challenging as sewing it all from scratch. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Typically, we tend to think of a princess costume as one that little girls will choose. However, it can be for little boys, too. Younger kids tend to want to be like their older siblings, and if the older sister is going to be a princess for Halloween, the younger brother might want to do that, too.

One of my brothers dressed as a princess for Halloween (after being cast as a princess in a play his boy scout troop preformed). He had so much fun! He also got extra candy because the adults handing out the treats felt sorry for what they thought was an unfortunate girl who had to go trick-or-treating with her brother and his friends!

Easy to make princess costume

Head to the thrift store! Look for the prettiest dress you can find that will fit your child. Fancy dresses, in bright colors, are a good choice. Long dresses will look more like a gown than short dresses will. Another option is to start with a fancy, formal, dress that your child already owns (or that a sibling owns). Go for glamour!

Next, head to the dollar store. You can pick up a glitzy tiara, some plastic jewelry, and possibly even a glittery scepter for a low price. Another option is to use some of the sparkly “junk jewelry” that you already have at home. You can make your own scepter out of a wooden dowel, a styrofoam ball, and some paint and glitter. Full directions can be found at EHow Crafts.

More complex options
Make it and Love It has detailed directions, complete with photos, that show how to make a Cinderella costume.

Make Stuff 4 Kids has step-by-step instructions that show you how to make a Princess Peach costume.

Tatertots & Jello has details on how to make a no-sew Halloween costume that can turn into either a princess or a mermaid. The total cost of this one is $20.00. has instructions that will help you make a fairy-tale princess costume (complete with conical hat).

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