Save Money by Using Re-Purposed Gift Wrap
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Save Money by Using Re-Purposed Gift Wrap

Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Save money by using alternative gift wrap that has been re-purposed.  It will look nice and add a personal touch to the gift.Looking for a creative, yet inexpensive, way to make your gift really stand out? Try using some re-purposed gift wrap. You can tailor the wrap to fit with your friend or family member’s personal interests. Sometimes, the re-purposed gift wrap can function as a second gift.

What happens to all the wrapping paper after Christmas is over? Hopefully, people are recycling it, but some will toss it in the trash. One eco-friendly way to get more than one use from gift wrap is to use re-purposed wrap instead. Wrap the gift in something that is will be useful to the person who you are giving the gift to.

How to Re-Purpose Gift Wrap

Last Year’s Christmas Boxes and Bags
It has become common for people to save the gift boxes, and gift bags, that they receive. These sturdy resources can be used more than once. Take the name tag off the bag. Carefully unwrap the box so that it doesn’t get torn in the process. Store it away for a second use next Christmas.

Have you already got some gift bags and boxes stored away? Use those up before you purchase new ones. Very few people will notice that they have been reused.

Matching Interests
A really fun way to re-purpose gift wrap is to match it to the recipient’s personal interests. Old maps work nicely for people who are interested in history or who like looking at old maps. Use string to hold the wrap closed around the gift instead of tape (so the map will not rip as the gift is opened). The map can become a poster on the wall.

Wrap the gift for your loved one who quilts with some lovely fabric. He or she can use it up in a new quilt. Give the chef or baker in your life a cookbook that is wrapped in a nice apron. Does your loved one live in an area that has a plastic bag ban? Wrap his or her gifts in colorful canvas re-usable shopping bags.

From the Recycle Bin
Some of the things that you typically would toss into the recycle bin can be re-purposed into unique wrapping paper. Newspaper can make visually interesting gift wrap. Choose a colorful section of ads or pick a page that has several different sizes of font. Wrap newspaper around a gift of books or magazines.

Paper bags also make great reusable gift wrap. The paper is sturdy so you can decorate it with sponge printed shapes, draw a design on it, or write a happy message. It will hold up well as a wrap around gifts that are heavy.

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