Save Money by Thinking Outside of the Box | Save Money by Thinking Outside of the Box
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Save Money by Thinking Outside of the Box

Posted on Monday, July 10th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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Woman Holding BoxPeople tend to get into a routine. They do the same things, the same way, all the time. That might make life easier in some ways simply because you don’t have to think much about when or how to do something. However, it is possible to save money by thinking outside of the box. Alter your routine a little bit, and see how much money you can save.

Take Public Transportation
People who drive their cars or trucks to their workplaces end up spending more money than they may realize. You have to pay for the gas you burn driving to and from work. You might also have to pay for parking. Vehicles that are excessively used might end up needing routine repair work more frequently than ones that aren’t driven every day.

Save money by taking public transportation instead. You might be able to take the bus or train to and from work instead of driving. Find out the cost of a monthly ticket. It might be significantly lower than what you spend to drive yourself to work and back several times a week.

Visit the Library
Most, if not all, libraries, will offer a free library card to people who live in the local area. That card can help you save a lot of money! You can check out books for free instead of buying them for full price at big chain book stores. Some libraries have copies of the local newspaper that you can read for free while you are there.

Many libraries allow people to borrow music and movies. You might be able to cancel your favorite music streaming service, or movie streaming service, and rely on the library’s catalog instead. This could get you through a lean period when you are low on hours or have an unexpected bill to pay.

Use Up Your Groceries
You might be throwing away food that is still safe to use. Overripe bananas can be made into banana bread. Do you have a lot of vegetables in your refrigerator that are a little past their prime? Turn them into a vegetable broth. You can add in vegetable parts you wouldn’t typically eat, like stems or skins.

Stale bread can be turned into a bread pudding, or garlic bread, or turned into croutons. Use up the stale bread as ingredients in homemade meatballs or meatloaf. Consuming groceries while they are still edible is a great way to save money.

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