Save Big on National Garage Sale Day
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Save Big on National Garage Sale Day

Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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National Garage Sale Day takes place on the second Saturday in August. The exact date may vary. That weekend is the best time to shop local garage sales (and yard sales).

There are some things you should do if you want to save big on National Garage Sale Day. The first one is to take the time to find out where the garage sales will be located. In some places, neighbors organize so that most of the homes in entire blocks will hold garage sales on that Saturday. You can also discover where local garage sales are at by looking in the newspaper.

Next, you need to make a plan. Where do you want to start shopping garage sales? In some cases, it makes sense to plan your route rather than randomly explore them. You might need to get up earlier than typical if you will be driving to the garage sales in other towns.

Bring a friend or family member to shop with, for more fun. Don’t forget to bring reusable bags with you! Not every garage sale will give away plastic bags. It would be a good idea to have a plan about where to park your car. All of this can save you some time and trouble.

Go in with a list. What do you need? Garage sales can be a great place to buy used, but still in good condition, Back to School clothes for your kids. Sometimes, parents can find baby items like highchairs, bouncers, and baby gates. Or, maybe your home could really use a better coffee table. Make a list of what you need so you won’t forget.

Of course, you will likely find some additional items that you want. That’s ok. Just make sure that you budget for them. People who hold garage sales will only take cash. It would be a good idea to stop by an ATM before hitting the garage sales. If you have time, it would be nice if you could find a way to break a $20 into smaller bills.

Got a lot of stuff that is in good condition that you no longer need? You might consider holding your own garage sale on National Garage Sale Day. Organize with your neighbors for best results.

Take the time to organize your items before the day of the garage sale. There’s a chance you could make some money!

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