Reuse Halloween Decorations for Thanksgiving
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Reuse Halloween Decorations for Thanksgiving

Posted on Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Some of the decorations that you used for Halloween can easily be reused for Thanksgiving decorations.Halloween and Thanksgiving are two very different holidays. However, they do have some things in common. Both include pumpkins and a fall color palette. You can save money on Thanksgiving decorations if you reuse some of the stuff that you already bought for Halloween. Try some of these frugal ideas.

How to Reuse Halloween Decorations for Thanksgiving

Small pumpkins
Better Homes and Gardens points out that you can make a nice display with a collection of small pumpkins. Gather them up and place them together as a centerpiece. You probably didn’t carve those little pumpkins. That’s great, because it means they will last for a long time.

Large Pumpkins that were not carved
Carved pumpkins will rot much more quickly than pumpkins that are intact. You might be able to reuse some of the pumpkins that didn’t get carved for Halloween as Thanksgiving decorations. Social Moms suggests that you display these pumpkins outside on a porch. Spray them with a clear sealant, and they should hold up for while.

Did you buy some decorative gourds or squashes to use as Halloween decorations? They should last for a while, just like the small pumpkins will. You can put together a display of a gourds and squashes that are in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors. Or, mix a few in with your display of small pumpkins.

Fall colored tablecloth
The plastic, orange, tablecloth that you bought for your Halloween party can easily be reused. Wipe it clean and store it. Orange is a Fall color that happens to go well with both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

What if your tablecloth has a decorative pattern that is obviously for Halloween? Try flipping it over. The underside of the tablecloth could be a solid, Fall, color. If the Halloween parts don’t show through you can use it for Thanksgiving.

Many people put small, votive, candles into their carved Halloween pumpkins. Some of those candles may still be usable after Halloween is over. Or, maybe you had some that did not get used yet. Put the candles into holders that are designed for Thanksgiving or Fall. Use the candles you already have before you go out and buy more.

Pumpkin Cookie Cutter
Don’t store that one away just yet! Pumpkin shaped cookies can be made for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. The difference is in how you decorate them. Halloween pumpkin cookies might be decorated with a jack-o-lantern face. Thanksgiving pumpkin cookies can be simply decorated with orange frosting. Pumpkin shaped cookies are a festive alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie.

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