Post-Valentine’s Day Savings
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Post-Valentine’s Day Savings

Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 at 2:59 pm
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Who doesn’t love a good post-holiday sale? February 15th is the day to stock up on all your favorite Valentine’s Day goodies. In the days following Valentine’s Day, you can score discounts up to 90 percent. If you don’t see rock-bottom prices right away, wait a few days for prices to drop. Just don’t wait too long or all you’ll find are empty shelves! This year, look for deep discounts on the following items:

Candy: One of Valentine’s Day’s most popular goodies! There are sure to be plenty of post-Valentine’s Day candy sales. Luckily candy has a long shelf life (several months at least) so you can stock up while the deals last. Consider looking for candy, such as kisses, that you can use in baking too!

Cards: Think outside the box when shopping holiday card sales. Valentine’s Day cards can be used for scrapbooking, collages, and other craft projects. Or you can just store your cards until the next year.

Toys: Prior to Valentine’s Day, you’ll find all different kinds of pricey holiday toys ranging from stuffed animals to your kids’ favorite trinkets. If the toy doesn’t specifically mention Valentine’s Day, you can use the post-holiday sales as an opportunity to stock up on gifts to give throughout the year. You can also donate your post-holiday sale loot to children’s charities.

Decorations: Stock up on festive decorations while they’re cheap! You can repurpose Valentine’s Day decorations for engagement parties, weddings, anniversaries, school dances and more. Let your imagination run wild! Also, look for decorations that can be used for craft projects or costumes.

Baked Goods: Look for rock-bottom prices on holiday baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and cookie dough. If you find an especially irresistible deal, don’t forget that you can store the extra in the freezer.

Be sure to stock up on post-Valentine’s Day sale items so that you can save on decorations and gifts the following year. Planning ahead is always a great way to save!

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