Pay Attention at the Check Out Counter
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Pay Attention at the Check Out Counter

Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2009 at 5:07 pm
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Are you carefully clipping those coupons and matching them to the sales but then forgetting to follow up at the check out counter? You could be losing money. Here is why.

Many stores utilize a bonus card or club card for their store. You can’t get the sale or discounted price unless you have this card. The problem is that sometimes the cashiers are so busy that they forget to scan the card during your order. This means that you won’t get the sales price and instead, you will have to pay the full regular price. Always make sure your cashier scans your card. You can even assign this job to a child or another member of your family, so you can get busy loading the belt or getting your coupons out.

If cashiers forget to scan cards, they also forget to scan coupons. Sometimes they forget to scan all of your coupons, and sometimes they only forget to scan a few. Either way, you are out some cash. Since it is easy for the cashier to get distracted, I usually tell them I have coupons and then hand the coupons over after all of my items have been scanned. This way, the cashier has the coupons in hand when he or she is ready to scan them. And, I can watch the screen as the money comes off for each coupon.

Finally, here is an error that isn’t the cashier’s fault. Just because an item is on sale, doesn’t mean that the scanner will record the sale price. Many items scan in at full price, even if they are advertised on sale. When this happens, you are often entitled to a cash bonus in addition to having the price corrected. Usually the bonus is to simply get the item for free, or it can be up to an additional $5 back. This all depends on the store policy and the state law.

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